Agave parryi Cumbres de Majalca

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Found in Arizona, New Mexico, and northwest Mexico between 4000-9200' in grasslands, desert, oak woodland and pinyon-juniper forest, Agave parryi is hardy to the mid-teens and the blue-gray plants can be quite variable throughout their range. Some of the nicest plants of this form I have seen were in Parque Nacional Cumbres de Majalca, a robust population of round artichoke-like agaves with tightly layered leaves. The bright yellow flowers will adorn the top of a tall branched inflorescence; buds are often red to orange-red. Agave parryi is historically an important plant to the Apaches, primarily used for food, liquor, and to treat rashes and other skin injuries. The Apache also used parts of the plant to make musical instruments. Plants are currently in 5" & will be shipped bare root.