Agave quiotepecensis

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Formerly known as a form of A. titanota, Agave quiotepecensis was raised to species status by Mexican botanist Josue Abisaí García-Mendoza, based on leaf morphology - specifically that this plant has more lanceolate leaves. Another difference is that on Agave quiotepecensis the flowering begins lower on the inflorescence, although plants have been observed flowering at equal height to A. titanota I have grown plants in coastal and inland Southern California in full sun, which have also experienced lows in the high 20's without damage. Agave quiotepecensis is a Oaxacan endemic, occurring between 1500-2500' and grows to an approximate 2.5' across and 3' tall. The plants can be green or bluish white, and at maturity the spicate inflorescence grows up to 12' with yellow flowers.