Agave megalodonta

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Agave megalodonta is a newly described species from western Oaxaca, eastern Guerrero, & southwestern Pueblo in southern Mexico. The plants are found growing on mountainous slopes and rocky outcroppings between 3000'-4500', alongside the likes of Agave cupreata, Cephalocereus mezcalensis, and Fouquieria ochoteranae. The specific epithet comes from the Greek and is in reference to the plants distinctively large (megalo-) teeth (donta). The plants belong in the agave subfamily. Agave megalodonta is described as being most closely related to Agave xylonocantha, due to the similar gnarly teeth of the two species. Others have pointed out the leaf shape being closest to Agave ghiesbreghtii. In my experience, these plants also bear  resemblance to the yet to be described Agave sp. Green Bull, another Oaxacan agave previously discussed in this book. A. megalodonta is very rare in cultivation, but expect to see more in the coming years, as awareness of this spectacular species grows. Plants in habitat remain solitary, and grow 3-4' tall and 4-5' wide. Given its elevation and based on similar plants within their subfamily, expect Agave megalodonta to be hardy to at least to the high 20s. Plants are currently in 5" pots, & will be shipped bare root.