Agave nussaviorum

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The wickedly armed Agave nussaviorum grows around north central Oaxaca, with some of the nicest plants growing west of Nativitas. These plants were sold through Rancho Soledad Nursery under a misspelling of that town's name many years ago as Agave potatorum Navitas form. A. nussaviorum most closely resembles a dwarf form of Agave potatorum and Agave isthmensis, but it differs from the former in not only it's compact size, but it's compact branching habit. Short tightly held pedicles make for a very compact flower display on a disproportionately tall inflorescence, when compared to the dwarf nature of the rosette. Rosettes max out at about 1' across and less than 1' tall, whilst the inflorescence can reach 8-10' with bright yellow flowers. The plants are a glaucous green to blue and offsetting is unusual, though I have observed this occasional habit. Grow in an ornamental container or between rocks in the foreground of the garden for maximum effect. Seed grown plants are currently in 5" & will be shipped bare root.