Agave vizcainoensis

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From the Vizcaino desert of northern Baja California Sur between 400-800' grows Agave vizcainoensis, in often very harsh and dry conditions. Howard Scott Gentry described the plant and said that florally this species is closest to Agave margaritae, a close geographic neighbor. I would suggest more study to be done on Isla Natividad, a stone's throw from where Agave vizcainoensis grows and due south of Isla Cedros where Agave sebastiana grows. The plants there are currently described as Agave sebastiana, at least morphologically, but they appear to be a little of each of these species - though I haven't seen them in bloom yet. Agave vizcainoensis is scattered about in the Vizcaino desert, including San Bartolomé Bay in Bahía Tortugas. It is typically small, light green to pale blue and readily offsetting, and occasionally banded plants can be encountered. Plants are in 5” pots & will be shipped bare root.