Agave bovicornuta

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Agave bovicornuta can be found in southern Sonora, southwestern Chihuahua, and northern Sinaloa on rocky slopes in oak woodland and pine-oak forests between 3000-6000'. It is a highly attractive ornamental that stays solitary and grows to about 2-3' high and 3-4' across. The name of this agave translates from Latin to 'Cow Horn' and comes from the occasionally opposing marginal teeth which can resemble such horns. In between these reddish-brown teeth are even smaller teeth which together create striking bud imprints on the uniquely green to greenish-yellow colored leaf that is occasionally nearly translucent.

In cultivation, after at least 10-12 years the plants will begin to flower, displaying a narrowly branched inflorescence growing 16-23' that bears brightly colored yellow and green flowers. In the garden Agave bovicornuta responds well to year -round regular waterings and is hardy to at least 25 degrees Fahrenheit.