Agave ovatifolia

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In the mid 1980s Lynn Lowery found this extraordinary agave and brought it to the attention of Greg Starr, who went on to describe it with José Angel Villareal. Prior to this, it was found (but never formally described) in the late 19th century by Anna Nickels of Agave nickelsiae fame, and she referred to it as Agave noah, likely a derivation of 'Noga'- the name used by the locals in the area. These plants grow on a private ranch around 3500-5000' in the Sierra Lampozos in Nuevo Leon. This part of Mexico where Agave ovatifolia grows is almost like untouched national parkland. There are at least two areas south of Monterrey where a very similar looking agave grows, which is currently referred to as Agave aff. ovatifolia. Though beautiful, they are not quite as attractive as A. ovatifolia proper.

Agave ovatifolia can grow 4-6' across & 3-4' high and tolerates lows as cold as 5 degrees Fahrenheit. Although fairly new to cultivation, it has proven to be an easy grower from wet Northern California all the way throughout most of the desert southwest. The channeled leaves, bright silver in color, evoke awe even in the non-agave lover. Agave ovatifolia can be used in groups as accents or as a show stopping focal point in the landscape. The Latin name translates to 'egg leaf' as it it a wide-leaved agave. A common name for this plant is the 'Whale's Tongue' agave.

Plants will be shipped bare root in 5" pots- limited availability.