Agave potatorum 'Spawn'

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About as nice as Agave potatorum gets is this stellar clone originally selected by Kelly Griffin. Plants are shipped bare root and are currently in 5" pots. Limited quantity available.

Agave potatorum can be found widely throughout southern Puebla and Oaxaca between 4000'-7500', typically in sloping pine-oak woodland. The Nahuatl name, which is the language of the Aztecs, was Papalometl, meaning 'Butterfly'. I always liked this name as the plants can look like a fluttering butterfly, if you look at it right. The botanical name comes from 'potator', meaning 'of the drinkers,' likely due to its usage for a special type of mescal called 'tobal·'  Agave potatorum are solitary plants and shoot up a tall 10-20' thin multi-branched inflorescence, packed with small light green to yellow flowers, often tinged with red or purple on the buds. The plants are hardy to 25-30 degrees Fahrenheit and have a moderate growth rate to about 2-3' across and 1-2' high. The beautiful open rosettes can be green, blue or blue-gray, and do well in containers or used as a bold contrast against softer foliage plants in the landscape.