Agave montana

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In 1996 Botanist Jose Angel Villareal described this high altitude montane agave. Prior to this it was known as Agave macroculmis along with Agave gentryi. This robust agave is truly one of the most awesome in the genus. Occuring above 8500' with the most dense of the population around 9-10,000'. Along with A. atrovirens in Puebla & Oaxaca and Agave mitis these three agave have to be the highest altitude agave. Growing amongst pines in the states of Tamaulipas, Nuevo Leon, Coahuila & Queretaro, Agave montana are a hardy bunch. A solitary growing species that have beautifully hooked teeth, and often an attractive silvery frosting on the leaves. They also have an extremely stout inflorescence with beautiful yellow flowers. Despite the fact that you don't begin seeing these plants under 8500' they do perfectly well in my coastal sea level Southern California garden, where they can resemble a large Agave shawii. They also do well both throughout the Desert Southwest & even the Gulf Coast States.


Current availability medium to large plants 10-14 inches across.

Agave montana inflorescence photo: Zarac Lompart